SEO Software That Can Help Your Business

If you’re using Search Engine Optimization or SEO for your business, it would help if you use SEO software. This software does not do any link building for you. Rather, it helps you track if your website is in keeping with all the things that would make a website rank.

There are many types of SEO software out there. One of the most popular is Traffic Travis. What does it do? It performs full SEO health checks on any website and then uncovers technical mistakes that are affecting your ranking, like having too many H1 tags or an image missing an ALT tag.

But perhaps the most valuable aspect of any SEO software is competitor intelligence. If there’s a keyword you have difficulty ranking for, you can spy on the website that has the top rankings and analyzes what it is that’s making it rank. With that kind of information, you make changes to your link building efforts and to your website to make your rank.


But aside from doing SEO health checkups and competition analysis, SEO software monitor for which keywords your website is ranking for. This SEO Software is very important as it will let you know where you should focus your efforts. If you’re doing SEO by yourself, you already know that SEO web optimisation can be a very laborious task that could literally tie you to a chair.

However, if you know you’re already ranking for certain keywords, you can focus your efforts on those rankings so that they increase with time. Websites do not shoot to the top of search engine rankings. They usually appear on page 3 or page 5 of search results. You need to focus your efforts so that your rankings move higher and higher in the search engines.

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