Search Engine Optimisation Or Yellow Pages? A No-Brainer

Yellow Page Book VS SEO
Yellow Page Or SEO? You Choose

One question I ask a lot of clients is this; “In the heyday of the Yellow Pages, you used to spend a lot of money on marketing. Now that the yellow pages are in its death throes, what are you doing with that budget? I know you’re not advertising in the YP now but what’s taken its place?

Most of the time the response I get is — “I don’t have a budget anymore! I know that I need to invest in the Internet but I really don’t know where to start. I get approached by SEO companies from interstate and overseas at least twice a day, sometimes more, but I’m not sure if I can trust them…”

Even worse than not doing anything, in my opinion, is signing up with a cheap SEO company in some foreign land. You risk old hat SEO techniques being used on your valuable real estate – your precious website. These sort of strategies usually result in a Google penalty (think Panda, Penguin etc) and oftentimes these penalties can be extremely difficult to remove if not impossible.

Better to deal with a local SEO company like who’ve been successfully helping businesses to succeed online for many years.

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