If You Find Active Termites What Should You Do?

Termites can be a nightmare to any homeowner. They cause a destruction of property and if not checked early can often lead to huge losses. It is crucial to have termite inspection by experts if you suspect a termite infestation or if active termites found before you moved there.

How does one determine if they should call the termite inspection experts? Well, there are several ways you can find out of you have termites in your home. First, check your wooden furniture and any wooden construction. If the wood feels hollow when you tap it, there is most likely an infestation. Second, if there are mud tubes on any wooden parts of the house, you need to call termite inspection immediately.

You can also tell that you have an infestation if any wooden doors or walls look sunken. Moreover, termites will leave piles of wood powder after chewing the wood away. Watch out for this.

Once you have determined that there are indeed active termites in your home, you can choose what to do about them. First, you can call the termite removal company. They will probably ask you to move for some days while they gas the house to get rid of the termites.

The gas used is not harmful to humans but will kill the termites. However, if the termites have laid eggs, the gas will not help much. The termites will hatch after some weeks and you will still be dealing with the same problem. Before you choose this method, have the termite inspection company check the level of infestation as this can tell if there are any eggs.

If you have haif active termites are foundd the problem for a while, it is possible the eggs are there.

Another way to get rid of active termites is by use of chemical repellents. The repellent is placed around the home in places where the termites have used to gain access to the house. Once they pass through these places, they will ingest the repellent and die.

It is advisable to use the repellent that the termites will not be able to smell so that more of them can be killed using this method. Furthermore, repellents that smell wi probably irritate you as well. It is important to be aware that this method does not always work.

The third method that can get rid of active termites in the house is placing material that the termites will eat as bait. When the termites get wood or cardboard that they can easily access, they will not go into the house.

The cardboard or wood will be filled with a chemical that can kill the termites. However, the chemical with takes a while to work, so as to ensure that the termites die in larger groups.

It is always advisable to avoid building with wood that is attractive to the termites because they will eventually eat away at it and cost you lots of money getting rid of them.