How Beneficial Is Private Tutoring For ADHD Kids?

ADHD is a behavioral disorder. It is mainly seen in children, who already have a hard time getting adults to listen to them. When a child has a behavioral condition with symptoms indistinguishable from lazy, it can leave adults thinking a child is obstinate or just plain dumb.

If you’re the parent of a child with ADHD, then you already know how hard it is for your child to learn new things. ADHD makes it incredibly difficult to commit things to long-term memory, meaning that a child with ADHD will forget lessons often soon after they learn them. Given all of that, you may wonder if it’s worthwhile to hire a private tutor at all.

The simple truth is, it is! And here’s why.

One On One Instruction

One of the primary symptoms of ADHD is the inability to focus and pay attention to just one thing. ADHD is often likened to a giant chalkboard with hundreds of different notes on it, and no sign of what is and is not important at any given time. Given this, the best way to help a child with ADHD learn is to do away with all distracting factors.

A private tutor gives one on one instruction. This means that your child won’t have anything to distract them. Not to adhd kid having trouble with concentrationmention, the tutor can tailor the lesson to the child, and ensure the child is learning properly. Not all children learn the same way, not even all children with ADHD. It’s good to have a private tutor who can help your child learn at the pace and in the way that best suits them.

Schedules And Patterns Help

One of the best ways to help a child with ADHD learn is consistency. Create a schedule, create a pattern, and the child will follow that pattern.

If you schedule a private tutor three times a week, and it’s always on the same day at the same time, then your child will begin to fall into that pattern. Once that becomes second nature, things associated with that schedule become easier to learn. Since these are tutoring sessions, the lessons themselves will be connected to the schedule. This can help your child learn at speeds they may not have ever found possible before.

Learn Your Child’s Specific Tells

Any good parent can tell when their child is reacting to certain things in certain ways. Children don’t always know when they’re tired, hungry, or just overstimulated, so a parent has to pay attention. This is especially true of children with ADHD since they can often converse as if they’re paying attention even though they aren’t.

A private tutor works one on one with your child, as already stated. This means that they’re going to be close to your child, and be able to pick up on your child’s various tells. They’ll be able to take note of whether or not your child has glassy eyes, or if your child needs to get up and move around. The best part is that a private tutor can take breaks whenever necessary, rather than trying to force a child with ADHD to sit still when they’re frantic.

The plain and simple truth is that a private tutor is a great thing for a child with ADHD. Every single thing that makes it difficult for a child with ADHD to learn is answered when you hire a private tutor. Your child will still have to apply themselves, but a private tutor will help level the playing field so that your child can get an even footing and finally succeed.

Hayden McEvoy is CEO of Brisbane¬†tutoring company, A Team Tuition and is living proof that ADHD students can make meaningful contributions to society. His advice? “Don’t write off kids just because you think ADHD is too hard – keep digging until you find the gold”